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Since we are Seventh-day Adventist we observe Saturday as our weekly SABBATH, coming together to worship our Creator and Savior, and learn from each other.  If you are looking for a church home, a place to learn more about God's Sabbath, or just looking to visit like minded individuals, we encourage you to visit us this Saturday for Sabbath School and/or Church Service.  We can make it together!



3 Angels members and visitors come together to study the Bible and other spiritual topics in a more individualized way.  Classes are designated by ages and catered to be easily understood by all no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.  We meet in small groups to discuss and answer questions that may come up during our own daily studies.  All members and visitors are welcome to join us weekly for Sabbath School beginning at 10:50am!


"...And Paul, as his manner was, ...reasoned with them out of the scriptures" Acts 17:2

Every Saturday Morning! 




Cradle Roll thru Primary (Ages up to 9)     10:50am - 11:50am 

Juniors Class (Ages: 10-12)                     10:50am - 11:50am         

Youth Class (Ages: 13 - 19)                     10:50am - 11:50am        

Adult Class( (Ages 20+)                          10:50am - 11:50am       



Here is the time we meet together as disciples and believers of God's truth!  We hear God's message from The Word! We are given strength, courage, assurance and hope to carry us through another week!  Sermons range from the deep spiritual and prophectic topics to the encouraging and inspiring messages that are necessary to build not only our relationship with our Father in Heaven but also to help build the Kindgom of God.


We are taking the "Great Commision" personally and making disciples of ourselves and all who answer the call of the Holy Spirit!  Join us in our journey this SABBATH!


"And the next sabbath day came almost the whole city together to hear the word of God."  Acts 13:44

Saturdays begining at Noon! 


There is a promise in the gathering of true believers, God shall be among them!  Get a mid-week spiritual boost to help you make it to Sabbath.  Bring your prayer list, praise report and a friend!  We sing, share words of encouragment and pray for one another.



"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20  


Come let us worship together in spirit & truth!


Every Wednesday evening @7:00pm! 

(currently meeting on Zoom - contact us for more information)

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